Redevelopment Agency lends support to "business incubator"

June 11, 2009

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Redevelopment Agency lends support to "business incubator"
Potential to create 300 jobs in four years
Posted Date: 6/11/2009 3:00 PM
Reno, NV-Reno’s historic “Mason’s Building” is poised to get more than a new coat of paint by the end of the summer. It will soon house a “business incubator,” “C4CUBE,” which is a non-profit, privately funded company that provides assistance in the development of new businesses and companies.

Latitude Partners is acquiring the “Mason’s Building” and is in the process of pre-leasing office space to “C4CUBE” to develop a business incubator at the site. Latitude Partners requested the Redevelopment Agency agree to provide 80 parking spaces in the Parking Gallery to accommodate the parking needs of the incubator and also serve as an incentive to locate the incubator downtown.

The parking agreement will make it possible for Latitude Partners to lease the space to the business incubator. C4CUBE will initially bring an estimated 16 employees through the creation of the incubator. The company estimates that as many as 300 jobs could be created within the next 4 years through the companies that lease space within the incubator. The initial companies identified to occupy the space are 3D Armor Systems, Inc. and First Warning Systems, Inc. In addition to these businesses, C4CUBE is in discussions with 17 other companies to potentially lease space in the incubator.

3D Armor Systems, Inc. provides product development, manufacturing, business development and corporate management expertise for the delivery of advanced armored products that provide greater protection of personnel, vehicles and structures.

First Warning Systems, Inc. is a technology that is designed for the early detection of breast cancer.

If all goes as planned, the move-in date for the incubator project could be late summer or early fall.



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