Radio activity sets off explosion of opinions

March 3, 2006

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Radio activity sets off explosion of opinions

March 3, 2006


Hit the pause button, drop the remote, and turn your radio down. It's time for another installment of cards and letters across the television/radio desk:

Matt Bochnowski: Now Jonathon Brandmeier comes back, and takes Chicago by storm again. I love it! Now if only Buzz Kilman would wise up, and team back up with Johnny B. I'm leaving it up to you to start the battle cry for Buzz to reunite with Johnny B!

Daniel Fuller: Here we go again. What's up with this pushing for Jonathon Brandmeier? Didn't we go through this a few years ago? With your help, he's back again. When is enough enough?

James Catalano: Sit, Rover. . . . Good dog! Now play dead, Rover. . . Oh, wait, he's not playing.

Bob O'Neill: I generally enjoy your column, but I found your Rover bashing heavy-handed. Moreover, I simply do not understand what motivated your truculence. If, as Rover suggested Wednesday, you have an ax to grind with CBS Radio leadership, I really do not feel that you should spend your valuable column inches sharing that grudge with me.

Andrew D. Jones: CBS has said repeatedly that the moves that were made to cover for Howard Stern's departure are experimental, and that nothing is permanent. Personally, I feel that there is no way to fill Stern's shoes. Strike a deal with WSCR and simulcast Mike North on WCKG. With baseball season coming up quick, it's a no-brainer.

Javier Delgado: What does Mike North have on you? You continually prop up this bigoted has-been to near worship status, by now calling him a star. Last time I looked, his morning show was not in the Top 10 and never has been.

Michael B. Murphy: I am writing to suggest WSCR's Anne Maxfield as a possible broadcaster for the Chicago Sky WNBA team. Her background would give her a chance to make an outstanding contribution.

Chuck Morris: Thank you for clearing up the Kathy O'Malley and Judy Markey issue in your column. I hope WGN's management is smart enough to keep the dynamic duo on their station. Both my wife and I are in the K&J fan base.

John Ripley: What listeners might wonder about is why [the renewal of Kathy & Judy] wasn't resolved months ago if WGN really, really wanted to keep them -- and if their demands are reasonable.

Robert Unmacht: I see that WGN continuing to do everything wrong has once again proved the point of the other operators. Spending on talent, being local, serving people over 50, community involvement, lots of spots and lots of news will not make money. They need to fix this. Cut staff, outsource news, use canned spots and less of them (all in a row once an hour preferably), use national programming and, if it is at all possible, take that programming from a cheap sports network. That will fix WGN!

Dave Connell: Isn't it a little ironic, that at WGN, the so-called "Voice of Chicago," 90 percent of their on-air personalities live in the suburbs?

Ray Heiden: I trust that the obviously-inebriated WLS executives who signed off on the orotund agreement to extend Roe Conn's contract and add an hour to his show will soon be relegated to the Kathy & Judy negotiation team beat.

John Sauber: Excuse me, but it will only be 20 more minutes of Roe and 40 more minutes of commercials.

Brian Jones: Is WLS management stupid? You have to wonder when they celebrate Black History Month by removing their two most prominent black hosts -- David Jennings, and Deborah Rowe. Maybe in March they can fire Eileen Byrne and Teri O'Brien in honor of Women's History Month.

Matthew Martinez: Ever since I've been old enough to find AA batteries and listen to the radio, I thought Chicago radio stations were the most unique in the country. But now more than ever, I believe that Chicago airwaves are on life support. Critical, in fact. If there is any originality or sense of a pulse, the corporations give it the hook, as though they want every station to be the same.

Bob Obrovac: It just irks me how some journalists can be so irresponsible in their reporting, and be able to live with themselves. Maybe I'm giving you more credit than you deserve.

Chris Palm: Your blatant bias is embarrassing to yourself, your readers and your newspaper. Maybe if you were a little more professional with your column it wouldn't be stuck in the back of the paper.

Tom Reed: Dear Jerk: You're a liar as well.

Tom Keller: Your letter selection has lacked brilliance for many months now.

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